It was on a Navam Poya that Lord Buddha accepted Arahants Sariputta and Moggallana as his chief disciples. Arahant Sariputta became renowned for his learning and wisdom (pragna) and Arahant Moggallana for his exceptional spiritual powers (iddhi). Navam Perahera Festival in Colombo is a famous parade that draws tourists and visitors from across the country. You will find elephants, dancers and musicians taking to the streets during this grand and pompous parade in Colombo in Sri Lanka through two nights.

Planned by Gangaramaya Temple overlooking the banks of the picturesque Beira Lake at Hunupitiya in Colombo, this pageant hosts hundred colourfully decked elephants parading the show on a full moon in February. History says that Navam Perahera Festival in Colombo was initiated in 1979 and hundreds of visitors flock to this temple every year since then to look at the amazing sight of herds of elephants walking down the road in their best of bright and pompous fineries. Navam Perahera Festival of colour, fun and excitement speaks a lot about the local fervour and traditions of music.

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